Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day To Me And You

Hello Everybody!

My little Frenchy self is jumping up and down (well, not while I type) with over-excitement!
because you know what? Today is Earth Day! And it's also my twin sister's B-Day (Joyeux anniversaire la France et le reste du mooooooooonde!), and so it's mine too! I'm turning forever 29!
It's also little Nina's B-Day, and to make me even happier I just learned today my friends Sal and Julie Anne are going to have a baby girl this summer!
So happy everything everyone, don't forget to kiss God's Green Earth, have a nice French pastries while thinking about me, frolic in the sun, whatever, but be happy!
You're welcome to shower me with gifts, affection, and sweet message but I don''t need one of these to be happy, OK?

Pat Fish's song isn't really about God's Green Earth and is probably melancholic for a B-Day, but I like his music so much...

Have a nice day everybody, and keep on being your awesome sweet selves!

PS: Blogger doesn't want me to post pictures today, so sorry.

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