Thursday, March 25, 2010

Your Social Life, Typing With 1 Hand Edition

Hello, awesome readership of mine,
today the Frenchy has one arm in a sling, the unforeseen consequence of that year ago car accident. Pinched nerve and all that, I'm getting therapy and taking meds (not sure they work, the meds, but make me feel super drowsy). Yesterday I couldn't even hold my phone, so the typing with one hand is a marked improvement, thanks to my awesome therapist Mario.

Anyway, quickly because it is exhausting to type with one hand (not mentioning slow).
Tonight there's a slew of openings at the Pacific Design Center, where I should have been if only because Stephen Kaltenbach is showing something. Alas, my ride canceled and I shouldn't drive, so I hope you give Stephen a heartfelt hug from me. The openings start around 5 PM.
Pacific Design Center
686 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood

ERRATUM: What happens when one is heavily medicated: it's on May 26. Heartfelt thanks to reader Joseph M. for spotting that mega mistake!
[ NOT tomorrow, obviously, there's the West of Rome mega event in Pasadena with my two favorite Mike, Mike Kelley an Michael Smith. Please say hi for me and enjoy!!!]

Saturday, bunch of stuff to. But the one and only event I would go to if I can is the opening at Las Cienegas, with FBC! longtime pal Vincent Johnson.
There's also George Pocari at Cottage Home/China Art Objects and a lot of other things.
Earlier during the day readings with Les Figues Press stable at LACE.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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