Sunday, March 2, 2008

FBC! En Route for NYC

Hello sweet readers of mine,

FBC is flying to NYC tomorrow for about a week, to see the Whitney, the New Museum, Chelsea, if possible the Met Greek and Roman Art Galleries, and most importantly be reunited with my very dear friends. Not sure I'll be able to post from there, but I will certainly report. In ana ct of intrepid optimism and bravura, FBC! isn't taking her wonderful lime green and orange galoshes, so hopefully it won't snow.
Meanwhile, if you guys have tips about what kind of decent but nonetheless cheapo (used) car I can get myself, let me know. I see the poll has been the most successful so far since all 9 of you readers of mine has responded. Though I must say you've been pretty tame in choosing an eternity of Celine Dion singing as punishment for the ass....s who stole my car. That's 55% of you.
Anyway, I will come up with other polls later. Have a nice week in LA while FBC! freezes her feet in NYC.

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