Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Coolest Exhibition In April

Next month is a great one. First of all, it's my B-Day, yay! Send the cupcakes, the macarons, and everything else on my wishlist, plus if you know someone who has a nice, reliable Japanese car under $4,000 to sell, drop me a line. I'm still looking.
But most importantly, 4 days after my B-Day is the opening of my very dear friend Jonathan Herder at Daniel Weinberg. Not only Jon is a great artist, but he is also a great person! Sweet, humble, kind, and like me he loves food! Did I also mentioned he's a great friend? He's also married to a wonderful person (sorry ladies, he's taken) and he and his family are very dear to my heart.
So on April 26, 4 days after my B-Day, Jon decided to give me a great present and show up in person at his opening! So on that day drop everything and please come in droves look at his work, buy it, say hi to Jon and spread the word!

Jonathan Herder, Daniel Weinberg Gallery at 6150 Wilshire Blvd, LA 90036.

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Greg said...

Hi. I wrote the blog post to which you linked about Jonathan Herder's art. I don't know if you'd noticed it, but there's a comment on that post from David Singer, a cousin of Addie Herder. He is trying to get in touch with Jonathan, offering to give him Addie's stamp albums; he left his contact info in the comment. If you can get word to Jonathan I, and a I bet he, would appreciate it!