Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Edgar Arceneaux at Susanne Vielmetter

Saturday FBC! broke off a 2-months long seclusion to attend an equal number of openings. And I got lucky, since both shows proved equally good! Now, when was the last time you scored a 100% satisfaction rate while opening-hopping? Yes, I thought so.
I still don't have much time to write (I do want to finish that damn novel 1st draft before I look for a job full-time), so I'm going to post a few pictures of Edgar Arceneaux's opening. If you clink on the link you will find the press release, and I hope you will go see the show. Meanwhile, I'm going again into seclusion next week, but I will go see galleries int he next couple of days so I may post more pictures if my faithful camera doesn't betray me. Stay tuned!

Pictures: "Circle Disk Rotation", "Moon Creeping Through the Window", "Opiuchus constellation is Laocoon's Serpent", all works made in 2008, Peter Zellner and Aimee Chang admiring "Leo" (2008), their astrological sign, Edgar Arceneaux and Susanne Vielmetter in the project room, with artist Susan Stilton in the background.

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