Thursday, September 25, 2008

Your Social Life in Watts, DTLA and even Bakersfield!

The first show I want to post about is opening tomorrow Friday at the Center For Experimental Art and Architecture. Find all the information here.

The second thing is the all-day inauguration of Edgar Arceneaux Watts House Project, click on the link to find all the information you need. You can volunteer for the house renovation too, if you are not as clumsy as my Frenchy self (seriously, I need a dude buddy to help each time I need to drive a nail to my wall).

It's also the closing day for my friend Nadege Monchera-Baer's show at El Nopal 109 W 5 th St, Los Angeles Ca 90013.from 11AM to 5 PM.

You can also spend your Sunday at the Martin Kippenberger retrospective at MoCA, which happens a bit late in the US (seriously) but is really good. It includes some of FBC!'s favorite artworks, such as the lamppost for drunks, Krieg Boese, The Happy End of Franz Kafka’s ‘Amerika’, a very imaginary portrait of Beuys' mother, the crucified frog that scandalized Italy and the Pope, and one installation the title of which escapes me, but that includes a real Gerhard Richter Gray Painting made into a tabletop. FBC! was fortunate to see the show with Doris Krystof, who co-curated the 2006 retrospective (with Jessica Morgan for the Tate). I've learned a lot, and I'm a Kippy fan.
You can also go to LACMA see the Francis Alÿs show, a dazzling gathering of many painting of Saint Fabiola. Alas, no pictures were allowed in the exhibition, I'm sad.

Lastly, this Saturday is Museum Day all over America. I'm sure after all those talks about the financial bailout, the takeover of WaMu (my bank) by JP Morgan Chase, The Debate-Or-Not-Tomorrow, you may want some time off and have a nice, cultural day. Unfortunately the only big museum participating this year in LA is the Getty (seriously, why LACMA the family institution isn't in it???) so it gives you an incentive to visit smaller museums. You need to download the admission card from the site, and voila! You can a guest can freely roam the often overlooked Fowler Museum, the CAFAM, go to Bakersfield and have Basque food before or after your trip (yes, there is a museum in Bakerfield!), etc. Find the complete list here.

FBC! blatantly appropriated the pics from the Watts House Project and the LACMA websites.


Joseph said...

The best Basque food in bakersfield is at Noriega's. Trust me.

Second in deliciousness is Wool Grower's, right around the corner.

Frenchy but Chic! said...

Thanks for the info, I totally trust you. I've never been to Bakersfield (I've passed through it but never ate there).
I'd be curious to see if it's real Basque food, or if it's 3rd and 4th generation Americanized food.