Wednesday, September 24, 2008

FBC! Is Incorruptible...almost

Unlike politicians, real estate developers, construction businesses, insurance companies and subprime mortgage specialists, FBC! is incorruptible!
FBC! was her usual morning grumpy self when checking out her mailbox this morning (I haven't had my espresso yet) and really amused when seeing the email integrally copied below. The html was slightly messed up after I pasted the email, but you get the gist of it. Eh ... how are you supposed to write an "unbiased review" if you get paid or receive a "product sample" (pearl bracelet, anyone?).
If I wasn't so busy I would probably write a post about the difference between journalists (not supposed to accept bribes) and bloggers who are not held liable to the same high standards (heck, it's a non-paid occupation!). But I have no time for that, so I'm just linking to a previous post about how to get featured on FBC! Which, for the records, isn't a lifestyle blog. It's funny, usually I receive tons of press releases about, I don't know, furniture stores grand openings on Melrose, design fests, art events obviously, the occasional food-related item, but it's the first time ever I get something about a jewelry site. Even if I was corruptible, I wouldn't review this type of site because you know what? FBC! neither owns nor wear any jewelry! I'm fully disqualified to write about it. Meanwhile, because this made me laugh, I'm going to advise the "pearl necklace" to donate the value of that "product sample" to a food bank. It would be a nice, redeeming gesture.

Lastly, before you get your fun reading the email, in case you admire my innate probity, as I'm sure you are, I'd like to state for the record I am not utterly and integrally incorruptible. For example, if you want to give me a nice 1920s Spanish-style house (hardwood floors throughout) in Los Angeles (metro) and a sweet annuity to help me maintain it, heck! I'd review websites about dog food or tampons.

I'm the webmaster of
I wanted to know if by any chance you would be interested in doing an unbiased review of our site on your blog
If you agree you can choose between receiving a product sample or receiving a payment.
If you choose the product sample instead of the payment the sample is yours to keep and you don’t need to send it back.
The product sample that you can get is a pearl bracelet and you can see it there:
Please let me know if you are interested.
Thank you
G. G
If you want to receive more paid review proposals, just click the following link:
If you don't want to ever receive mails from us, just click the following link:

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