Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Gargoyles In An Aroused State Of Turmoil!

Happy New Year again ya all,

FBC! is still very jetlagged and therefore not very good at writing in what is a foreign language. So instead of writing a long post about Bakthinian theories of steam release, Rabelais, medieval ribaldry and so on, I'm letting pictures speak for themselves.
The gargoyles are and have been adorning the same church in my boring hometown for a few centuries, without any need for prudish censors to ask for their removal. But for those of you who work at places where censorship reigns I've avoided descriptive vocabulary. Who needs words when you have pictures anyway?

It was a bit tricky to take the pictures, but I trust you can spot how powerfully implemented our beastly friends are. I'm also showing a female one, obviously created prior to the invention of Brazilian-Bikini-waxing techniques.

Have fun!

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