Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What Perfect Loser Are You?

Really, I'm asking. I've been perusing Craigslist job listings, and found the one below.
I don't know about you, but in response to my TV writer friend (hi Mike!) who thinks I'm not interested in TV because I don't own one, the only thing I can say is I'll get back to watching TV when this type of stupid ideas will dry out.
Unfortunately, like hope but unlike French Presidents' love affairs, stupidity is eternal. Stupid studios, stupid networks, stupid AMPTP please please please settle that WGA strike, there's enough misery in the world for you to pile it on hapless viewers.
Also, stupid AMPTP, why don't you settle with the writers and together go on negotiating/suing YouTube and iTunes, and maybe, maybe lobby legislators to tax Internet providers from a few cents to few dollars per subscription to be reversed to both producers, writers, directors and actors. With a unique agency for both interest groups to reverse residuals and copyrights? Just an idea in the air.

Until then, I'll go back on YouTube to watch Life on Mars.


Reply to:
Date: 2008-01-16, 3:45PM PST

Do you have a perfect body, mind, soul, face? Do you have perfect style? Are you perfectly kind? Are you the perfect poker player, athlete, daughter, son, mother? Are you perfect at charming your way into or out of any situation?

In what way are you perfect?

If you’re attractive, smart and personable, then come out and audition for this network TV pilot!

We are looking for confident, outgoing participants that aren’t too modest or too shy to show off their many qualities and abilities. Selected individuals will be compensated.

Be ready to compete and reap the benefits of being “perfect”!!!

If you or someone you know is an ideal candidate, submit the following info to






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