Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New 2008 To You

My Dear Beloved, Devoted Readership,

I'm sure most of you started the New Year with a bad hangover, so maybe the picture above won't really lift your spirits - I truly wanted to start 2008 by getting the worst joke out of the way, arf.

Anyway, my Frenchy self is back in lovely Los Angeles where the temperature is clement, people are nice (bye-bye, awful French cashiers and waiters!) and Pomme the cat was impatient to share new adventures. So far I've held my resolution not to speak German to her anymore, so hopefully I'll be good on the losing weight and finding a job ones too. I'm sure my immense readership vowed to honed its French skills and be able to read all the links I'm providing, right?

In the meantime, I'll work on a few posts, will find someone to help me redesign the blog and if all goes well we'll move URL and on to Wordpress later this year. Next art post should be on the Ugo Rondinone-curated show at the Palais de Tokyo and the former Musee des Monuments Francais in Paris.

Have a happy, fruitful and fun 2008, and watch out on the road for idiot/distracted drivers.

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