Monday, January 21, 2008

Scoli Acosta at LAXart, Part Deux

Here's the second part of Scoli Acosta's opening on Saturday at LAXart. Before the opening was a walk-through with LACMA curator Rita Gonzalez, during which I took the pictures. I missed a bit of the talk, after I realized it would be better if I took pictures without too many people in the frame, 'cause Artforum Scene & Herd we ain't.

FBC! is about the art, not the social networking bullshit a.k.a. schmoozing gossip you see on said website, so I'll spare you the names of the delightful people who were there. Suffice to say they were enlightened, and had a great time hearing about Scoli's residency in Montreal where some of his show themes originated, about Maxfield Parrish 's now forgotten but once world famous print, about the collapsed igloo made of carboard boxes, the brick wall fragment polished by the sea the artist found washed ashore in Malibu, the iconography of blue solar panels, and Scoli's desire to be environmentally friendly in his practice, and the large drawing/sketch from where all the installation started.

Enjoy looking at the pictures, and better yet! Go see the show!

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