Monday, May 12, 2008

More Pictures Without Too Many Words

So last Saturday FBC! went for a round of openings in Chinatown.
Best show was at Dan Hug, though the presentation of the works at Kordansky was pretty interesting. The trophy for the most inane and overblown show, of course, goes to Terence Koh at Peres Projects. FBC! didn't go down the basement though, seeing that chalk stains on my clothes would have been unbecoming at the birthday party I went to after, and also I am now too old to attend openings that require dry cleaning after the fact. Although, if I was paid to do so and the art dealer would provide cleaners reimbursement after, why not?

Pictures from the Erika Vogt opening at Daniel Hug, with artist Stephanie Taylor, her husband Mike Holtz and someone who looks a lot like photographer/artist Joyce Campbell, the Nicolau Verguero opening at David Kordansky, artists Tom Allen, Ivan Morley and Will Fowler.

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