Thursday, May 8, 2008

Your Social Life Very Busy This Weekend

So this weekend your social life will be extremely busy, what with Mother's Day, friends B-Days, going away parties and so forth! How are you going to squeeze art stuff into that, I wonder.

So here in LA, it's going to be slightly complicated. Let's start with Culver City and LAXart, where not only the delightful Vishal Jugdeo, curated by the none less delightful Aram Moshayedi, will open in the project space, while Michelle Rodriguez will have the main room. There's a walk-through at 6 PM. Elsewhere in Culver City is the opening of Shana Lutker, whose work FBC! is very interested in, at Susanne Vielmetter. And Murakami continuing at Blum & Poe, if you're not sick of him by now. FBC! must confess being tired of his continuing presence in LA.

Anyway, as much as FBC! would love to be in CC on Saturday, it will prove impossible as I'm supposed to be in Chinatown at the same time, and then at a B-Day celebration in Silverlake (Hi Mike!). You will find me at Erika Vogt's opening at Daniel Hug, and maybe I'll poke my head in at Peres Project to see the infamous Terence Koh. Whose work I find very, very sub-par, boring, and frankly a little ghetto, but it's the kind of coke-fueled, sex-crazed art for the nouveaux riches atmosphere that is so reminiscent of the 1980s it's kind of fun and sleazy just to think about it.
I'll probably drop by David Kordansky too if we have time before dinner and the B-Day party.

Now, I'm also thinking about the moneyed readers of FBC! (is there one? at least?) who forgot a Mother's Day present. Oopsie. What can you do? Of course, head over Daniel Weinberg's and get one Jonathan Herder's drawing! Exquisite, underpriced, fun, and much, much easier to pass muster with Mom than a Terence Koh. I guaranty it.

Now, what if you're out of LA, blessedly free of parental obligations, and wanting to see some art? Well, if you're in Boston, you can go see the Chantal Akerman retrospective at the List Visual Center at MIT (Hi Bill!). There's also the group show with Mark Bradford at the ICA.
If, like Andy Warhol, you're from Pittsburgh, of course you have to go see the Douglas Fogle-curated Carnegie International, Life on Mars, which title is borrowed of course from Bowie, but is also the one of my favorite Brit TV shows. I find the list pretty safe, including my own personal fave Mike Kelley, and there's a bunch of others I find excessively boring (Pernice, Althoff, Hirschhorn). There's no chance I may be able to get there, so if some of my readers want to contribute a review, you're welcome!

Because it's my blog, I'm happy to entirely forgo NYC and tell you to go instead to Luxembourg, yay! and see the shows worth seeing at the MuDAM (their website is atrociously tiresome, I know), especially Candice Breitz, and at the Casino-Luxembourg (Hi Enrico!) Locked In.
And that's it for your weekend!

Image is a film still from Vishal Jugdeo.

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