Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Robert Rauschenberg RIP

So all of you art people, you know by now, Rauschenberg passed away yesterday. I'm not going to write an obit, or elaborate about his career or anything else. I just want to point out that the news was on the home page of the Los Angeles Times this morning. It signifies (a word favored by my Distinguished Literary Correspondent) that in this country, unlike mine (hey France! home of arts and culture! hellooooooo!), contemporary art has achieved enough prominence and respect that the passing of a visual artist is considered worthy news. In France, we just put the antics of our undignified Prez and his boring millionaire chanteuse wife.
Respect, America. This is another reason why I love you.

Picture of the artist via this site.


Anonymous said...

hey my dear francaise in exile but chic,
i don't want to condemn your pro american press enthusiasm or defend French press but just have a look to http://www.liberation.fr/ Rauschenberg death is also on the front page...
ML also in exile

Frenchy but Chic! said...

My dear Matthieu also in exile,
It's because Libe reads my blog, I'm sure, as at the time of my posting there wasn't anything about RR on their site.
I miss you, my dear Dutch refugee.