Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Poll results are in!

So the last poll was the most successful so far (12 votes in, yay!), with the Norton Simon Museum getting 50% votes on the "coolest, in the air-conditioned sense, museum in LA to take refuge from the heat", followed by "My Local Target Store" (30%) the remaining 20% being scattered between SMMOA, The Hammer, LACMA and MOCA. The Getty didn't attract anybody, maybe because it's designed as a beach resort and no one mistakes it for a real museum? (just kidding!). Target rightfully belongs to the list, as you can get some Michael Graves, Philippe Stark and Karim Rashid-designed stuff there.
Also, the cross-section of FBC! readers who are otakus/geeks must be close to zero, as no one decided to vote for their Mom's basement.
All in all I'm glad the Norton Simon won as it is a really good museum and it tends to be neglected compared to the LA giants. It hosts the fabulous still life by Zurbaran, with the lemons, a painting that is worth the trip just for itself (but the rest of the collection is good!)

Aside from the poll, there's not much going on. I'm very busy buried in my non-blog writing. That's why I don't really pick up my phone (well, I've lost it yesterday anyway), nor answer email. Likewise, I won't show up at openings for a while and I'm not even sure I will go see some shows. I have a September deadline and after that I'll need a job ASAP. I may get some guest bloggers again, hopefully, so check that space one or twice a week.
I've been to the Lautner opening at the Hammer and I must thank Aimee Chang who told me to go see the "printed series" show as it was closing on Sunday. It was very good, the art stars of print all together: Goya, Durer, Callot, Piranese, Hokusai etc. with a few contemporary print series, the one by Mona Hatoum by far the best (but Chris Ofili, er...doesn't hold a wall, really). I'm very happy I got to see that show, and I'm sorry it closed already as I would have gone back to the Hammer just for it.
Lastly I'm adding stuff to my blog roll: Carol Es and Pablo de La Barra and Andrew Bernardini and of course Words Without Pictures. It will need to be seriously reorganized and maybe merged but it will wait a couple of months.

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