Thursday, July 17, 2008

Your Social Life At Home, Light

OK, so as I was saying the blog posting is going to be rather light. I'm deeply immersed in my writing, and I don't intend to show up at any opening for the time being, not go do gallery rounds for a while. So, if you have to go to an opening this week, I'd say stick with LAXart and the Kori Newkirk show. It looks tantalizing, from what I see on the webpage.
You can also catch up on shows mentioned within these pages over the last 2 weeks, to which I'd add the Lisa Lapinski "Focus" show at MoCA. It opened when I was flying in between Paris and LA, so I haven't seen it yet, but it is much more attractive to me than the Marlene Dumas one (a very overrated painter IMHO), not mentioning the Sterling Ruby one. His work was all over the place in NYC in March, and, hm, I think the less you see it the best it is. Some things shouldn't be over-hyped and overexposed. Same goes with Rachel Harrison, who was also all over NYC last Spring. Give me Carol Bove anytime over those two last ones, and long live to Lisa Lapinski!

So with Lisa and Kori (if I may, I don't know Kori personally) you have two interesting sculpture shows to look at, and to round it up nicely how about a nice group show?
Continuing at SMMOA is the "Puppet Show", closing in about 3 weeks, so plan ahead and don't miss it!

Like the Three Musketeers, this selection of 3 shows to go to need a 4th partner, and how could I not mention Tom Solomon new space (with Sister and , China Arts Objects). Tom who's my other most adored art dealer in LA, with Susan V, curates fabulous group shows. I'm curious to see that one.

Pix is a production still of Kori Newkirk lifted from the LAXart website.

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