Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Latest Poll Results

So, our latest poll was about deciding how to name the new genre of trashy novel/chick lit for guys. Boy, was it animated! 7 of you, meaning what probably constitutes my entire readership voted, but there was no clear winner, between "Lad-Lit" (my own personal favorite, I think it sounds vaguely like some new porn lingo), "Boy-Boy 'Ture" (fun, though it sounds vaguely gay and we do not want to exclude the few stray heteros wandering on this blog) and "real men don't eat at the Ivy" which is very long, and in fact I was thinking about the London Ivy, though the BH outpost would qualify too.

Anyway, if you have some new suggestion send them here at FBC! In the meantime I'm going to scratch my head about the next poll. Since it seems our writers-in-arms cousins are going to be on strike soon (Hi Annie, Jonathan and Mike! Let me know if you need cheap soup recipes!) maybe they can help me out with a new poll idea, with all the free time they will have when not picketing the networks/studios.

The picture above is by Florence Trocmé , found on her blog.

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