Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Schadenfreude, Schadenfreude

Here at FBC! we love longish German words that are impossible to pronounce!
There's no real equivalent in French for Schadenfreude, except maybe the street French "Bien fait pour sa gueule!".
Which I'm gleefully applying to our beloved douchebag of a president Sarkozy Premier -I like that *douchebag* word, which French people cannot understand, douche meaning shower. And what you've been using it for has been dismissed as a health hazard for the last 30 years, so no one would really understand the meaning back home.

Anyway, back to that maniac of a French President!
Cecilia, the wife he's been comparing to Jackie O. (as if) is divorcing him! She's been dragging her feet for a while, left him for another guy a while ago before reuniting for the PR operation known as an election campaign, and now finally she filed for divorce.
Since Mobutu SeSe Sarko is all about PR, no real action (his record as Minister of Interior, and prior to that Minister of Economy was abysmal), it will be interesting to see how his spin doctors are working on that one.

No pivture so far as Blogger can't upload them today. Too bad, I had found a really atrocious one of Sarko and Cecilia.

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