Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The World Is On Fire

There is an end of the world atmosphere over LA today, the sky concealed by a dirty orangey layer of smoke. A fine layer of what is a powdery concoction of dust, ashes, pollens and soot covers the cars. The air is bad, bad, bad, and even though I live far from the fires the feeling of being encircled is claustrophobic. People are driving slowly, and no one is lingering outside.
Please go to the LA Times front page for all the information you need and click here for the San Diego Tribune.
The MCASD is closed. Meanwhile, I don't know where David Geffen houses his Postawr art collection, but I sure hope his Jasper Johns Target With Plaster Casts and the rest of his collection are safe.
Meanwhile, the economy (and the afferent art market) are not doing very well, and there's every possibility of a WGA strike happening, so all in all it's a depressing time in LA.

Painting above is Joseph Wright of Derby, one of his volcanoes explosion. I don't have the credit line.

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