Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Felt Club – not your mother’s craft fair

Frenchy But Chic! is thrilled to welcome the deliciously entertaining and talented Annie Oelschlager as our very first guest blogger! Because FBC! is in person technologically-challenged, Annie's post is divided in 2, so you can admire more of her pictures. Please click here to see some more. And because FBC!'s template of choice on Blogger.com is very clumsy to manage pictures in the layout, there are all gathered on top.
Please welcome Annie!

As in demand as she is, Frenchy but Chic can’t possibly attend all the worthwhile cultural events of an LA week. Thus she occasionally contracts out her appearances to correspondents such as myself. Today I had the privilege of attending Felt Club , a twice-yearly hipster crafts fair that takes place on the campus of LA City College.

Hugely popular among quirky East side girls (and a few boys), Felt Club’s booths feature handmade items – ranging from clothes to stationery to handbags to jewelry to odd items that could only be classified as “amusements.”

There were over 75 booths at this year’s Holiday Felt Club. A few of my favorites:
The gorgeous stationery of Motor Mouth Press
and Rock Scissor Paper.

Jewelry made from antique typewriter keys at The Weekend Store - I was especially taken with the cufflinks.

The patchwork fabric bags of Made by Tess - they have beautiful fabrics on the inside as well, and lots of pockets of varying sizes, as we ladies invariably need.

As a delightful bonus, my appearance at Felt Club has elevated me to Fashionista. My outfit is featured on Tokyo a la Mode , an online magazine that celebrates the worldwide spread of Japanese fashion and youth culture. I am the second from the bottom – wearing a green skirt made by my mother and a scarf my Aunt Barbie used to wear in the ‘60s.

No Frenchy but Chic post is complete without a photo of food, and I have included some felt food among the pictures of my fair favorites.

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