Thursday, November 15, 2007

Your Social Life, At Home and Abroad

Wow, with all the good things going on in LA, it's starting to be difficult to discriminate between events worthy of your attention!
Nevertheless, FBC! is going to bravely try and help you choose!

In Los Angeles, take advantage of this week to go see the drawing show at Steve Turner, The Charles White Elementary School Project, The Bruce Conner show at Michael Kohn, Jeffrey Vallance at Margo Leavin, and of course you can always go spend your Sunday at the Hammer, MoCA, LACMA and the Getty. If you are in the vicinity of LACMA on Sunday afternoon, there's your opportunity to see Mike Kelley and Jim Shaw in the flesh and hear them discussing Dali and Film. I have other obligations unfortunately, but if I could I'd go see them as it should be hugely entertaining and informative!

On Friday night there is a new show opening at LAXart, and if you're hungry right after and are a striking writer, go to the taco truck on Venice and La Cienega, it's worth it. No need to spend your few leftover pennies at Ford Filling Station of Fraiche, no reservations required!
The day after you can come back in the neighborhood check the Slater Bradley show at Blum & Poe and the Nicole Eisenmann show at Susanne Vielmetter.

If you are in NYC there's plenty to choose from, but I'd recommend strolling by Apex Art to see Land Grab. You can catch the very last of the Carlos Amorales show at Yvon Lambert.

And, if you happen to be in Dusseldorf this Friday, I urge you to go attend Ivan Morley's opening at Dennis Kimmerich and if you can be so kind and send my warmest regards to K21 curator Doris Krystof it would be much, much appreciated. Speaking of the K21 there is a huge installation on view by Joe Scanlan, one of my favorite artists on the planet (the most underestimated, IMHO, someone should give him a retrospective soon).

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