Monday, November 26, 2007

Your Social Life, At Home and Abroad

After the holiday hiatus FBC! is back, if slightly unwell, to help you decide on your social plans this week.

Tomorrow evening you may run into my Frenchy chic self, if I'm well enough, at LACMA for the panel discussion: Is Photography Really Art? (Tuesday, November 27 | 7:00 pm, in the Brown Auditorium, free), with Charlotte Cotton, curator and head of LACMA’s Photography Department, and artists Arthur Ou, Michael Queenland, and Mark Wyse.
Before moving back to LA a few years ago it would have seemed a tired question to me, coming from the homeland of Jean-Francois Chevrier, Roland Barthes, Pierre Bourdieu and Michel Frizot, but a few encounters with, hhhhhmmmmmm, I'll be charitable and won't explain, but, how to say it nicely? Some people here in LA are still very provincial when it comes to the subject. So the debate in LA's context is welcome and so is Charlotte Cotton, LACMA's newest curatorial addition.
You can also pester LACMA's to post information about the Charles White Elementary School exhibition, so more people would go see it. If the info is already on the website, I haven't found it so it should be made more conspicuous.

Back home in Paris, I'd advise to go see the show Americans in NY, curated by my friend Ami Barak at the galerie Michel Rein. It opened last Saturday.

Meanwhile, if you haven't made plans to go to Miami Basel and all the satellite fairs, don't feel bad. The recession is coming up and I'm sure you can use your money more wisely. Joke aside, the recession isn't even here officially and 1 in 10 American didn't have enough to eat last year, according to a snippet of info found here.
So, for all of you who thought you were sustaining the US economy by shopping on Black Friday, please be compassionate and give essential goods to soup kitchen and other worthy charities, 'cause your taxes and your governments are not.

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