Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's Been A Very, Very Good Day For Art In LA

Ta di da di dam poum poum tsoin tsoin! (sung to the tune of a traditional post-hangover French song.)

Anyway, yesterday I went to see the Mark Bradford and Ruben Ochoa's project at Charles White Elementary, and to Edgar Arceneaux book launch party at LAXart. Both fabulously good events which will have their own separate posts (with lots of pictures) sometimes next week as I'm incredibly busy until Monday.
I'll post links and details too, and in the meantime I'll remind you to go see Matthieu Laurette at his opening in Belgium this Saturday. Please say hi to Matthieu for me, and don't forget to send your best wishes to Belgium!
Please see the 2 posts below for details, and if you are in LA tonight and have no plans, don't forget Kevin Salatino's talk at LACMA.

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