Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour in Los Angeles - March 28, 2009, 8.30 to 9.30 PM

Having decided to snub local openings, but in fact being forced by circumstances to stay home (had to give back the rental, Mam'zelle VaVaVoom still at the car doctor undergoing loads of surgery, poor thing) I decided instead to observe Earth Hour, that moment today all around the word where supposedly 1 billion people are switching up their lights. With time zones and all that, supposedly we're saving power, easing a bit of Planet Earth pollution load, etc.
I'm a bit unclear on the concept, I mean, obviously a large part of the action is totally symbolic, but we're asked to blog about it, post our pics on Flickr, Tweet or whatever that means, etc, isn't that a bit counter-productive in term of reducing our carbon footprint?

With the laptop on, I'm sure I'm using some vital energy, plus the candles I'm burning are releasing CO2, also they are your standard IKEA paraffin wax tea lights. I'd be ready to bet paraffin wax is one of your everyday bad pollutant (and I'm sorry but being carless and very broke, I cannot go and buy pure beeswax candles, as much as I love their smell), and being from IKEA they must have been made somewhere on the other side of the globe and carried to Burbank, California, home of the nearest Swedish Giant, at great expense for the health of our planet.

This being said it's very pretty in here, I'm glad I'm participating in something, even though I'm wondering right now what they are doing at the Tom Lawson opening and if David Kordansky (hi Dave!) is lighting his space with candles? I'd love to see that.
Happy Earth Hour everybody, have a nice weekend, and for Californians reading me: happy Cesar Chavez Day on Tuesday!

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