Friday, March 6, 2009

Yet Another Show That Saved The Day In Culver City

What distinguishes a good artist from a crop of truly bad ones? I'd say, internal coherence, a good sense of composition, some tongue-in-cheek humor, and an understanding of how to fill a space, whether it is the space on a sheet of paper of the physical space of the gallery.
Is Dave Muller my favorite artist?

No, by all means, but he's someone who understands how to make work that stands out visually before trying to cram it with too many historical or theoretical references. Not that he doesn't cram some, but he makes sure his works looks good enough to suck us in his whimsical world of Beatles-mania. It's like comfort food: when you see his show at Blum & Poe you know you're not dining at Robuchon (sorry Ferran Adria, you're not my cup of tea) but your experience is pleasant and warm.

I Am The Pollock-Blowfish!

I'm A Dead Icon And I'm Watching You

Thanks Dave, you saved my day (and Joe's day as well!)

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