Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spelling, Schmelling, Grammar, Schrammar

Dear Anonymous (the many Anonymouses, you know who you are), Dear Geoff, Dear Whoever Else,

Thank you so much for spending the time to comment on my uneven command of the English Language, especially when you dig through the archives and comment on particularly ancient posts (hey, this is the internet! Anything older than a week belongs to Classical Antiquity).

While I appreciate your efforts to help improving my overall knowledge of your beautiful language, I would enjoy them even more if, for every comment you left, you would add your own attempt at writing a whole paragraph in perfect French.
This way, I would know your comments are deeply sincere and your crusade to improve the general literacy level on the Interwebs has a honest, non-ironical intent.
I know you want to increase the general well-being of the population, in this troubled recessionary time, and I applaud your noble struggle.

Meanwhile, I'm happy to inform you I have decided long ago to forgo any copy-editing work on this blog because, you know what? It takes too much time, and I actually have a life.




Geoff said...

Oh, but you misunderstand! My comment, at least, was a message of appreciation. I wish I could come up with sentences like: "Every year they organize a behemoth nomadic gathering where art historians, artists, curators and critics meet, _ostentatiously_ for scholarly sessions about solemn subjects" (emphasis mine). I think it's a very wry commentary on many of these events, even better than the intended wording.

Apologies if you think I was being pedantic. My intentions were anything but.

Frenchy but Chic! said...

Ah, apologies myself if I have lumped you together with the many Anonymous-es who play the grammar police on posts that are older than a year. There have been many of them recently, and none too nice.