Friday, March 6, 2009

Your Social Life This Weekend In NYC And LA

Your social life this weekend can be managed efficiently if:

a) you are in New York City and you go see the show at Jack Hanley (Go! Go! Go!): Stephen Kaltenbach, Mario Garcia-Torres and Fia Backstrom, opening tomorrow (pic above: a 1967 piece by Kaltenbach.)


b) You are in Los Angeles: there's the Hammer opening where, no doubt, you may meet the new curators, Douglas Fogle and Anne Ellgood (welcome to LA! Have fun !) but mostly see Nine Lives, Visionary Artists From LA: it includes someone we never get to see, Llyn Foulkes, as well as Jeffrey Vallance, Charlie White, Lisa Ann Auerbach, Julie Becker, Hirsch Perlman, Charles Irvin, Victoria Reynolds, Kaari Upson. I was kinda planning to go but I have too much work so it's likely I'll skip the opening, but I'll make sure to see the show ASAP and report on it.

I think there are other things going on, but I haven't the time to really blog about it.
Have a nice weekend all!

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