Sunday, October 12, 2008

FBC! Has Short-Term Memory Problems

I'm a bit busy with writing, looking for jobs, etc. and then I realize things I intended to do/go to/write about slip down the cracks. It's the problem when immersed in an intense project, the rest of the world tends to disappear and I realize the show I absolutely wanted to go see and take pictures of to post about has closed, like, 10 days ago. My apologies to Christie Frields, I really, really wanted to see her show. I think her work is a bit under-recognized, so I'm kicking my own butt metaphorically I have missed it.
Likewise, I was posting about blogging and bloggers and telling you how much I like the LACMA new blog, Unframed, and I totally forgot to mention the artist and FBC!'s old pal Salvatore Reda has finally started his own blog, with contributions by artist Vincent Johnson, who also contributes to FBC!
So, if you have some time, go and have a look. Sal is based in Portland, Vincent in Los Angeles. For the moment the blog is a bit market-obsessed, as everybody is at the moment save myself (been there, done that). Though, if I want to refer to their post about the current changes in Chinatown, I can only say it reminds me of all the changes and closures in the Paris Bastille gallery district in the early 1990s. You know, when the art market crashed for a good decade.
There are many re-posts from international newspapers, which, hm, I wouldn't reproduce to such a length if I were the admins, I think just a few lines would be safer.
Like me, Sal and Vince welcome contributions, so feel free to contact them (and me!) if you want to unload whatever burdens your heart at the moment. Welcome!

And enjoy the rest of your weekend, you can watch the few Ramones videos in the posts below.

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