Friday, October 10, 2008

I Wanna Be Sedated

It's the weekend, and I'd better lay off that internet thing if I want to get things done. But before I do that, I wanna do some thinking in public, I've been thinking, with all that financial stuff going on, what with being jobless and all, how am I gonna make it if I want to finish writing the bloody novel (it's the working title, BTW "That Bloody Novel", but there's no gore in it). I can't peddle drugs, I mean, look at me, I'm a nice French middle-class gal, I have no street credibility. Prostitution, eh, only if I could choose my johns, and I'm afraid I have to be realistic, I don't have the looks.

So I thought, hey, I'm in America! I should do it the old-fashioned way! Let's create a religion! It's tax-exempt, we can get the rednecks in the middle of the country to join and give us their money, and have fun! So I'm seeing this socialist, community-like religion, right? But fun! It's all based on booze, food, sex, rock'n'roll, art and good old fun. It's called Flouze (it means money in French), I'm working on the basics (don't know how many gods and goddesses we gonna have, what our creation myth will be like, if we gonna include some aliens, what kind of stuff we can rip off from other religions, etc), but one thing is certain: the music during worship will be exclusively from the Ramones.
And artists are invited to create worship artifacts, you know, altars, candle holders, banners, etc. So to begin spread the word, I'm posting a few Ramones songs this weekend.

Meanwhile, don't try to email me, I won't check my mails for a while, idem Facebook (gotta shale that addiction, man).

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