Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Obamariachis

Brothers and Sisters, the end is near, the planet is eco-crunching, a gazillion money has vanished, the country is going to the dogs, I have no job, my money is running out and I'm losing a family member. Also we haven't had a fun Britney Spears snippet in a while, and Madonna's divorce isn't entertaining whatsoever.
Unlike many people in this country, I think the idea of a Messiah is a bit overrated, and frankly hasn't brought back a return on investment worth Warren Buffet's pocket change. But I believe in hope, audacity, change kicking out of the White House, the Congress and the Senate the political party that spent the last 8 years not only bringing America to its knees, but wreaking havoc on fragile emergent economies abroad in the name of unspeakable greed* disguised as fake principle of "economic freedom".
I'm a bit bored by all the political propaganda right now, and a bit busy elsewhere, plus I have no right to vote in this country, so I'll try not too bore you too much with more politics. But the video above made me smile this morning, something I truly need these days. So have fun practicing your rudimentary Spanish while listening to the Mariachis For Obama. We have to find a name for them, and if I manage to find the "polls" widget I'll put up a new naming one, promised. UPDATE: the poll is at the bottom of this page. Vote for your favorite name!

And absolutely unrelated: I went to pick up my daily ficelle at La Maison du Pain this morning, and guess what? I got their inaugural first bag of chouquettes! Chouquettes are French choux pastry topped with pearl sugar, they don't have any filling, and we usually by them by the dozen to share at work or at school for mid-morning coffee breaks. The one at LMDP taste exactly as they should be, light and airy and slightly sweet. They cost $3,50 a dozen, and they are addictive. You cannot be Frenchier than that. So go get yourself a bag, and munch on chouquettes while watching the Obamariachis.

* these last two words are an amusing quote. If you find who uttered it, you will win $1 worth of subprime mortgage securities.


Calvin Phelps said...

Speaking of French pastries, do you know of a good place to get Canelés?? For anyone not in the know, you can read about them até

Frenchy but Chic! said...

Well, it's actually a pastry I do not like, so I'm not good at recommending a place. I saw some at La Maison du Pain yesterday but didn't try them. I had once once at LA Mill that was actually good, but I don't know where they get them from. I know they are not made in-house. I would try Jin Patisserie, or maybe even Boule though I find most of their pastries bland.