Thursday, October 30, 2008

Links I Like

So last weekend I wrote this post about Thierry Weyd's blogs, and it was cool because we emailed a little bit. It's someone I haven't seen in almost 20 years, so there is some magic with internet, I must say.
While I'm at it, I thought I should provide you with an irregular series where I would link to artist web pages, blog I read, etc. I think I'll do it maybe once a month? Which means you should feel free to email me your blog/website address at, and if I find them in accordance with my taste, I'll be happy to link them in a post. I'd rather do a post than update my blogroll/links list, because it requires less organization for me, and I'm really behind my schedule now. A few things before you start emailing me:

- When you send me your links, please remember that it's possible your email has landed in my bulk folder. I try to check it from time to time, but if it's buried there I may not see your mail.
- Secondly, this is a personal blog and I have certain tastes, so if you don't make it on the post, it may mean I'm not into it (to give you an example, each time I see "art" featured on BoingBoing, what I'm looking at belongs to the category of illustration. I'm not against illustration, but it's not my primary interest).
- If you don't make it on FBC! please don't send me pleading or threatening or insulting emails. I'm sure there are many other avenues where your work can be featured, remember this is just a blog, not the Venice Biennial or MoMA.
- Also keep in mind I am very, very absent-minded. It happens that I want to present something, and I totally forget depending on how many migraines I've had that week or if I'm focused on looking for a job or whatever else. I'm only human, and I do my best, but it's only me. I'm still waiting for that hot stud of a non-paid male intern to materialize, but so far the Gods haven't been very generous.
- as far as links, I'm happy to get references to artists websites, food sites, literary sites, lefty political sites (as long as they are funny), curiosities sites, and musical sites. Blogs are fine, and flickr streams as well.
- FYI, I'm a bit of sissy, so, please, no gory, violent, racist or generally gross websites. And no porn either, thank you, I have a feeling my readers don't need me to know whatever happened to sex in Scandinavia. I know you care, but I don't.


Now that we are in agreement, I'm starting the list with Tosh Berman, who is the publisher of Tam Tam Books, a francophile and someone who happens to use the same Blogger template as I do. I don't know him personally, though I hope to meet him at some point in the future. He's very knowledgeable about French culture, and is the publisher of Boris Vian in America. Please visit his blog, and better yet! Buy his books!
The second person whose website I want to introduce you to is Calvin Phelps, who commented on FBC! mariachis post yesterday. I looked at his website, and thought, hey, I could link it to FBC! His website is very simple to use and navigate, and it will give you a clear idea of what he does.
I've already told you about Unframed, the LACMA blog, toward which I am biased since I've worked at the musuem a while ago. I really like this blog, I think it is very well made, with a clear balance between the visual arts and all other forms of expression featured at LACMA (movies, lectures, music, etc), and is written by both curatorial and communication staff. Please look at Allison Agsten's post about the decline in art coverage in Los Angeles. It's always been meager, and with the upcoming demise of the LAT (they sacked about 75 people on Monday) it's not going to improve.
You should also check Kehinde Wiley's website. I really like his work, which I find kitschy and and very fun to look at. It satisfies art historians like myself aplenty, with all his references to classical painting. Now, I think there's a slight, impossible-to-define-something that's missing, the little thing that would push his work from very good to awesomely great, but I don't know what it is, and I like it as is anyway. Enjoy!
To end this first edition of Links I Like, Ken Gonzalez-Day's website. I like Ken's work a lot, and I have had the pleasure to meet him a while back at an opening. In person he's adorable and very, very funny. In his art he makes pictures so gorgeous you want to lick them, but his work has a deep historical and political intent as well, without falling into propaganda. Have a look and you will understand!

Before you go look at all these sites, don't forget the Mariachis for Obama poll at the bottom of this page.

The photograph above was pinched from Ken's website, from the project Hang Trees.

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Beverly Kaye said...

Ken's "Hang Trees" is beautiful and deadly at the same time.
Thank you for posting this mesmerizing image.