Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pablo Picasso Never Got Called An Asshole

"Not like you. Not in New York. He was only 5 foot 3 but girls couldn't resist his stare..."

The best lyrics, ever. Don't you agree?

Anyway, for my dumbfounded readers expecting to read some art stuff or whatever, I'm getting all nostalgic and have posted a bunch of music video from YouTube. Everything from James Chance and The Contortions, The New York Dolls, Television, Glenn Branca to Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers.
Speaking of the latter, my erudite musicological readers will no doubt point out that both John Cale and David Bowie did some covers of that song. So, in case you ask, I prefer John Cale's. The Bowie one is atrociously overproduced.

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