Monday, August 27, 2007

Au vrai chic parisien!

For those of you who learned French in high school and then had the misfortune to realize you couldn't understand a word when coming to's normal! C'est normal! You see, French people never speak their language properly, unless they are very, very posh.
Everyone speaks some variation of street French, to complicate matters further it depends on which class of the social spectrum they are from and where they were brought up. Plus, there are some regional accents. Lastly, street French evolves extremely fast and includes lots of terrible English. To make English-speaking people welcome during the Coupe du Monde de Rugby, the French Tourism Office has created this website.
Have fun practicing!

Meanwhile, in my quest to become more American I am looking for referrals for a good personal injury lawyer. One you would feel comfortable having a quick coffee with. I've been given to understand this is the lowest branch of the lowliest lawyers and I am a bit scared...So if you had some personal experience with a non-repulsive legal beast, please drop me a note. Thanks!

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