Thursday, August 23, 2007

A French movie that isn't Nouvelle Vague

Just because I can, and also because I thought a short post wouldn't hurt for once. My very old friend Olivier de Plas has his first movie out in France this month (at a horrible release date, August 1st).
Olivier has made a few shorts previously, like Gaia in which a couple of hunters encounter a rave party in a forest and end up fraternizing with the partygoers. Another short is the story of a jobless guy who prepares his job interview like crazy and blows it off when he arrives at his meeting one day early.
Olivier's comedies are of the sweet, gentle kind and tend to hit upon French class and society issues obliquely and elegantly.
Tel Pere Telle Fille is after a book by Virginie Despentes (the one and only that isn't trashy) and stars Elodie Boucher. I haven't seen the movie yet, obviously (Olivier, please send me a DVD!) but the trailer display his usual great sense of dialogue. I hope the movie has some of Olivier's signature nature shots which were making his short movies breathe.
Anyway, good luck to Olivier and in the meantime I hope you can practice your French with the trailer.

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