Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Le Geek c'est chic!

I've received an unexpected and sweet email today from a friend who works in a museum here in LA. She told me she was another new devotee of FBC! So welcome to Aimee who is now joining my 2 others die-hard readers Daniel and Rita, as well as the very numerous cohort of my (7) occasional art readers, my 2 non-art ones and my siblings!
Wow! It will soon feel crowded in here.
It is a historical moment, since we seem to have now reached the quota to launch the Supernerd drawing contest!
So to your paper and crayons, dear readers, please send me some nice jpeg of your Supernerd drawings! The best ones will be published here at FBC! There are only 2 rules: Supernerd shouldn't look like me, and to my Franco-Belgian readership, Supernerd shouldn't look like Leguman (pictured above) either.

Also, this email from Aimee solved the mystery that has been puzzling me for the last few days. Where were this people adding comments on some posts from? I got an anti-Tyler Green one (BTW, dear readers: no personal attacks here. Please remain civil. We're Frenchy! but chic!) as well as a Real Tyler Green One (or so I presume). I mean, not only am I unable to check my own stats (I know I can do it but didn't bother to learn how) but I'm pretty sure that a Google search on any word posted here would rank really, really low. My geeky skills being more than sub-par and too demanding for my current concentration levels. Tags? you mean that things on shipping crates? Or is it wall labels you are meaning?

Aimee mentioned the PR Dept. at her job forwarded my blog to the staff after a Google alert. Ha! Didn't think about that one myself, since I've even unsubscribed to e-flux during my Summer break. It figures. Now I'm starting to feel a bit of pressure actually, but I remain firm and resolute in refusing to make FBC! a 100% art blog.
I want my 2 non-art readers to still feel welcome here and I want to continue praising my friends in this space, to quote L'Oréal: parce qu'ils le valent bien.

For the edification of my US readership I am posting a Leguman video separately as I seem to have code problems on here.

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