Friday, August 31, 2007

Dear reader, don't forget...

In between my mechanic (who's going to get some free advertisement on this blog soon) and my chiropractor session, a few things:

. Jessie Bi, whom I mentioned on the Thanksgiving in August post and is one of the writers at du9 just emailed me to say thanks to those of you clicking on the link towards du9 and mentions there is an English section on their website. There's a tiny, tiny US flag to signal it.
. Rita G. is truly the best curator in this town, no contest!
. Since Jessie Bi is reading us, I want to take advantage of this post to remind you all to send me your jpegs of your Supernerd drawings. I can't wait! You have all Monday evening to practice. That's what Labor Day has been invented for!
. And speaking of which, yes you can wear white after Labor Day, enfin!
. If you ever read the recipes post, a tip: the watermelon, rosewater and raspberry drink makes for fabulous popsicles. And there's no sugar in it.
. Lastly, don't forget the poll at the very bottom of the blog: how to name the Spinoza - Leibniz couple.(hint: their monstrous offspring may have been a French philosopher)

OK, enjoy your weekend folks.

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