Sunday, August 19, 2007

A non-art, Foodie interlude

Since last week I have welcomed a 5th reader, Annie, my first non-art person.
Annie and I met only a few months ago through a mutual friend (referred to as: My Distinguished Literary Correspondent or MDLC).
I thought she was really cool, and she impressed me with the seriousness of the research she was doing for her current project. Not too many people know there is an Art Squad at the LAPD, for example. Plus, did I mentioned she is cool?

Annie in turn introduced me to her friends and I got this enormous breath of fresh air, something sorely needed to get out of the somewhat claustrophobic aspects of the art world. It is so refreshing and interesting to meet writers, animators, musicians and scientists! Thanks Annie (and MDLC), I am very grateful! Please send many more new non-art persons my way!

Anyway, I have other interests outside of art writing/curating and reading mediocre books, so I thought I could share my love of cooking with my now 5 readers.
Like many art world people I like my food, and since we all travel a lot we are always constantly sharing addresses of places we went to and things to bring back from the places we visit. Some of us are even good cooks (Hi, Rita G!) and many, many conversations at openings revolve around food, not art.

So in the next few weeks I may post a few recipes and links to the food blogs I read.
I am afraid these are mostly French blogs, as I use metrics when I cook. I weight ingredients on a scale instead of using volumetric measurements (cups and spoons).
The only English-speaking blog I was reading was Chocolate and Zucchini but the few times I attempted recipes they were terrible. Too much sugar and butter, heavy, heavy pastries.
For starters, here's the link to Chef Simon, the best website I know.
Everything is explained in pictures. It is very clear and precise, which means the only unknown factor that would make the recipe fail is the way your oven functions.

I'm also adding to the list of my links my sister's cooking school in Paris, ArĂ´mes et Saveurs. The picture that illustrates this post is from one of her recipes. If you spend some quality time in Paris and want to take one evening cooking class, you know where to click!

And of course I'll mention a few of the food places I've visited. You will have to GoogleMap them yourself though, sinon ce ne serait pas drole...

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