Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Shameless self-reference

Talking to one of my former colleagues on Tuesday about how bloggers in LA are attuned to what's going on in museums, I was suddenly reminded of this great review of a show I had curated last year. I re-visited the post this week (which demanded about 30 seconds of Googling) and I'm linking to the Things n' Stuff blog. As you can see this young lady is into art and food. She is apparently going to a Ph. D. program, where I sure hope her professors won't brainwash her great qualities of observations to oblivion. Anyway, if reviewers in Artforum and Frieze were writing like this, we would have a better idea of what the shows reviewed are about. Keep on the good work, lady!

The picture above is copyright LACMA/Museum Associates, 2006 and Mrzyk and Moriceau

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