Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bon Anniversaire Thomas! and Devi and Wendy...

There have been many saddening news recently around me, friends in distress, the passing of the old and the young alike that I would like to cheer up my readership a little bit.
Which now includes my little bro', Thomas. Welcome! I have fond memories of you and I as kids having decadent breakfasts of ice cream, Reddi-Whip, chocolate sauce and toasted sliced almond, of dragging you to your first concert, the magnificent mechanical devices you were building out of Legos, and most recently our joint imitations of Pope John Paul II. We share atrocious singing voices and a same fondness for terrible duets and covers of cheezy French songs, such as Les Neiges du Kilimandjaro. Beware, US readership! Don't try to YouTube or iTunes that one, it is lethal!
Today is Thomas B-Day and in his honor I'm pasting a pic of his food of choice, Nutella. One of the few things that makes me smugly feel the superiority of Old Europe over the US. Peanut Butter? Pfff!
Anyway, not only my beloved little bro is adding one more year today, but so are my good friends Wendy and Devi!
Happy B-Day everyone! Love you, little bro!


Anonymous said...

Hello my sister!
Thank you for this ticket, and for your information, my son is a big fan of the Nutella too ("Nutaya" in his own language...), then, as you can imagine, he is like your brother!

(PS: this blog was a surprise, I wasn't aware ((c) Jean Claude Van Dam) of it!

Anonymous said...

Wow. How is it that I came across this one year + later. Merci beaucoup pour le shoutout, FBC!