Tuesday, November 4, 2008


And congratulations to Barack Obama and Joe Biden!
FBC! broke a long reclusion to go watch the results at the Mandrake in Culver City, and it was fun and exciting. My pics suck because I didn't want to use my flash and blind people, but suffice to say there was dancing, free pizza, great drinks and cool people.

Meanwhile, at this hour (10.30 PM in LA) it looks like that horrible, homophobic proposition 8 might pass. It's horrible. FBC! sends her love to all her gay and lesbian friends and wish them the best. I'm sorry Calif. voters let you down, and I really hope in the future some counter-proposition will come to make you as married as the rest of us, I mean the straight people who are married (I'm not, married, that is). I'm off to bed, I cannot find my words anymore.

And let's all rejoice America has elected Obama, I'm proud of you America.

(in passing, for people who are looking for good, affordable food in CC: I had a very good dinner at Trattoria Brunelli, right around the corner on Washington, West of La Cienega. It's mom & pop good Italian food)

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