Friday, November 21, 2008

Don't Ask What MOCA Can Do For You, Ask What YOU Can Do for MOCA

If you care about MOCA's fate - and you should - you can either join the Facebook group, or better yet go on Sunday afternoon to the talk at 3 PM at the Geffen. George Baker was originally scheduled to do a Q&A about conceptualism and has graciously accepted to donate his time to organize a discussion/discuss organization of what can be done. FBC! won't be able to go, but encourages you to do so and report.
Everyone seems to want for Santa Claus to step in and bailout the museum to avoid a merger with LACMA, which would be great if Santa existed (do you think Eli Broad looks like Santa? Er, no. David Geffen? Even less. The Resnicks maybe?). I hope that whoever would bail out the Museum will ask for fiscal responsibility and better management. And shake the Board of Trustees, and find another director, possibly. Meanwhile, let's do a Barack Obama-style grassroot campaign and ask for someone at the museum to post an account # where people could donate money. Maybe artists could donate artworks to do a live auction. Maybe Los Angeles art dealers could contribute to that general fund. Brady Westwater over at LA Cowboy wants the Getty to step in (why not?) and build a photography museum downtown in conjunction with MOCA (won't happen, methinks). Any ideas are welcome at this point, I guess. Anyway, whatever is done, let's support MOCA!

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