Monday, February 25, 2008

Area Sneaks Launch Party

A mere 3 days before having her beloved Civic stolen and stripped by unscrupulous robbers (you know who you are, you the assholes operating body shops on Pico, may Lucifer, Godzilla and the Axis of Evil disembowel you and eat your tripe while still alive); a mere 3 days before that infamous event then, FBC! was still a happy art lover, having a great time at the Area Sneaks launch party at LAXart.
There were a couple of readings, two musical performances including a very moving rendition of Stephanie Taylor's song performed a capella by artist Simon Leung. The place was packed, including a few LACMA curators (Austen Bailey, Howard Fox), artists Lisa Lapinski, Will Fowler, and Alex Klein, art dealer Daniel Hug was spotted, and I think I've also seen Andrew Bernardini. All in all a very exciting and fun event, and I can only encourage you to go buy your Area Sneaks copy(ies).
I'm posting a few pictures in a couple of separate posts, per Blogger infamous image hosting policy with the template I'm using.

I'm still too down to really write anything, so I may post some more YouTube stuff in the next few days,maybe one installment of Your Social Life if I feel like it. Next week I'll be in NYC for, among other things, the Whitney Biennial, so after I come back I'll post about NYC art for a change. After this I have no eff-ing idea whenever I'll be able to have a decent car, so it will sharply reduce my ability to go see shows and blog about them, unless I find rides to go to events. Meanwhile, my B-Day is April 22nd, and FBC! would appreciate some love demonstrations. To the aforementioned list I can now add a newish used car. Leads are welcome.
Thanks, and you can also look at the poll at the bottom of this page.

PS: I'm not sure the Area Sneaks link is working, please Google if it doesn't. And stupid Blogger has trouble with vertically oriented pics, so you have to do a bit of neck gymnastic to look at Stephanie Taylor.

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