Wednesday, February 6, 2008


'llo everybody,

Today Ed Ruscha speaks (sort of) to The Guardian. DIA explains what you have to do to help save Spiral Jetty on their homepage. Hurry, you have to manifest yourself before Feb.13th. It's especially important you get your network involved, moreover if you have friends abroad who can email or send faxes and letter.
In passing, Charlie Finch , I never thought much of you as an art critic*, really but please do a bit of homework before writing your sexist interpretations of the Jetty. It's your interpretation alright, but you're on your own with that one. Also, FYI the Jetty was submerged when Smithson was alive, and he did plan to raise it about 3 meters high permanently to avoid that problem. He died before this could happen, so your insinuations about its own destruction being built-in in the work, if in line with Smithson's writings about entropy, are in fact inaccurate regarding that particular artwork. Sorry if you never had the opportunity to ever get there! Maybe you should hurry and try, that could make you become a real art critic, who knows.
Hey, it gives me an idea! Why don't we all pitch in and send some money to artnet to fly Finch to Spiral Jetty? And Walter Robinson, while we're at it, so maybe there will be finally something real to read on there, rather than only use their clunky auction database?

*Nothing personal really, I don't respect most critics anyway. You're just more openly sexist than most of the others, that's all.

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