Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Having my car stolen, stripped and then being left with tow and storage bills just killed all my mojo. So no FBC! under further notice. I've only got my two eyes left for crying, I'm sick of it all and tired, so sorry I don't feel like writing or reporting on anything. I don't feel like anything but crying and burrowing, really.
Sorry to leave you in the dark, but several continuous years of bad luck have had an effect on me. Shit have been happening in such a cumulative way I'm losing any little snese of humor I may have had. So FBC! is saying goodbye for a while.

Meanwhile, if you hear about a cheap VW in the $1,800 to 2,500 range, automatic, in relatively good shape please drop me a line, and if you know what to do of a unusable stripped car that costs you storage fees for being stolen, I'd like to have some good advice.

Thanks for reading FBC! over the last few months, and watch this space occasionally in case I resurrect the blog.

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