Tuesday, February 19, 2008

FBC! Is Mightily Annoyed And Temporarily Immobilized

Hi Dear Beloved, Devoted Readers,

Just to let you know, FBC!'s trusted Honda Civic was stolen last night. So aside from being mightily annoyed, FBC! is temporarily without a mode of transportation and therefore not so sure about her gallery-hopping and reporting immediate future.

In the meantime, if you happen to spot a dark green Honda Civic (sedan, EX/LX) with a 3RWL004 License plate (front and back) or spot some suspicious parts bearing the 2HGEJ6607TH531002 VIN#, please call the LAPD Wilshire Division (on Venice and La Brea) at (213) 473 0476.


Joseph said...

I thought my car was stolen once, but it turned out it was just towed. Are you sure it wasn't towed?

On the other hand, Honda Civic's are the most stolen vehicles in the United States...they are used for street racing.

Anonymous said...

Not towed: was parked perfectly legally in front of the house in its usual spot, not on a street cleaning day either. Also parking enforcement doesn't tow between 11PM and 6AM.
Yeah, I know about Civic being the most stolen cars, that's why I'm rather pessimistic.