Thursday, September 20, 2007

Coming soon on a blog near you!

So to please my ever-demanding die-hard fans (Hi Rita!) I am now working on the Scholars vs. Curators post (just in case, you know, curators couldn't be scholars too. Though scholars are rarely able to curate decent shows themselves).

In the meantime, a picture from yesterday's coffee break with Daniel, who reprsents the core of my audience. We had lunch at Bloom Cafe on Pico (about 1 block West of Hauser) and shared a cupcake for dessert. In passing let's start a motion to reduce the cupcake sizes in LA, these are way too big. Yesterday's was good, but doesn't beat my favorite ones, Dainties. I'm not that much into icing or buttercream, so Dainties' flavored whipped cream toppings are perfect for me.

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