Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More art posts to come

So my devoted readership (mostly Rita and Victoria) have ben asking me to write more art pieces. Will do, but these take more time than the fluff chowhound/foodie/Pop culture posts; and I have to take care of my life and find some type of lucrative work to help pay the rent. So, until LACMA, the Hammer and MoCa hire me to blog for them, the art posting will be relatively sporadic. Also, you guys can contribute some nice anonymous guest blogging if you like. This space is wide open.

Also, even though I am doing much better I still get exhausted easily. The 10 minutes drive to Culver City on Saturday was so exhausting I could only see the Ruben Ochoa show. Michael Queenland wasn't open yet. I'll go back to see it and will likely review both shows here, but I probably won't be able to do much gallery hopping and art openings for a little while.
Also coming up, a post on museum collecting and funding in Los Angeles, and another one on the huge gap between academics and museum people in the US. Spoiler alert: academics are stiff and boring!
Check this space often for art stuff, and for my two non-art readers (Hi Annie and Mike!) there will still be some foodie, book and other type of stuff.

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