Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Canada Dry Day!

Happy Birthday, Daniel C., my favorite Canadian F...... (party of 1!). Today, you are officially becoming an old fart! As they say in your Queen's old country.
My very best wishes to you, I'm sure you are going to get some decadent dessert to celebrate your big day.
Thanks for being such a good friend to me, for taking me to urgent care when I was ill, helping me with my grocery shopping when I couldn't move, and more generally be such a supportive friend. I appreciate your willingness to help me quench my espresso cravings and get me out of the house when it was hard for me to even think.

I don't thank you for indulging my sweet tooth and for all the subsequent hours of swimming I have to endure to correct that. No, I won't take up smoking to become as skinny as you are, even though you are downing more sugar than any other living creature on this planet. My most heartfelt thanks for being here when you are needed. It is such a rare quality.

I'm sorry you have to drive to Cosa Mesa for work today, and I sure hope you will get one of Dainties cupcakes to make up for it tonight.

And, oh. Hhmm. Quit smoking for good???

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