Friday, September 28, 2007

Someone to keep an eye on

I while ago I tried to link to this blog and lamentably failed. So I'm trying again as I appreciate this young lady's sharp brain and critical common sense. Everything for you to love: art, food, and good writing. I particularly enjoyed the description of a famed modernist building as "single layer cake" (in the September archives).
Of course I'm biased since she wrote a great review of a show I curated a while back, but shameless self-promotion aside I think she's doing what all good art critics should do: look, look, look at the art, describe it and from there build a more general input about the relevance of the art and artist and maybe throw in some personal interpretation.
It should be a no-brainer really but you would be surprised as how few current and well-known art writers are able to do this, bringing instead their own agenda to the forefront, or their own personal insecurities.
Anyway, let's keep on eye on someone who's young and promising and let's hope she will escape graduate school unscathed!

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