Sunday, September 16, 2007


No, this is not a new Belgian beer imported to sunny California, but the result of our poll. Remember, dear overeducated reader, we were trying to find a name for the mutant offspring of Leibniz and Spinoza. Spiniz never really got a chance, Leibnoza neither, but Guattaleuze won by a whopping 60% of the polled readers.
That makes 3 of you!
Well, I'm not sure about Guattari's interest in either Leibniz or Spinoza, but Deleuze did publish a book on Spinoza at the beginning of his career (full disclosure: I've read it and I don't remember any of it). He also published The Fold on Leibniz (and the Baroque), which I own and remember slightly better because of some footnotes on minimalism.

Anyway, it's time to start a new poll. I'm out of ideas, as it is late on Sunday evening and my cat is trying to catch the arrow on my laptop screen (she makes me feel so much like I'm a real writer! she tried to sleep on my keyboard earlier tonight).

So, just for fun, let's try to find a name for another monstrous coupling: Ludwig Wittgenstein and Hannah Arendt! (I couldn't do Derrida and Nelson Goodman, sorry, it's beyond my imagination).
In the meantime, I am STILL waiting for your Supernerd drawings and for the Art Celebrity Sightings. You guys never go out aside from openings???

And, as for the poll, I mistyped and poor Hannah Arendt became HanHan, but I apparently cannot edit the poll once someone has voted. Interesting, I cannot rig my own blog, pffff...

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